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[News] Bigbang on Television Weekly's "Tell Me" Talk

New Song 'Tell Me Goodbye' - 'Tell Me' Talk --

A talk about LOVE and more The Song that portrays Ultimate Love, for Devoted Lovers

Big Bang's new song Tell Me Goodbye was an imposing ballad written as the theme song for Korean drama 'IRIS' (TBS).
VI: The lyrics are really sad which fits the image of the drama nicely.
TOP: I would say that's beyond sadness but more like a tragic feeling. We put in a lot of effort during recording to make ourselves emotionally involved.
SOL: Hey, would anybody get so attached to this song that you become sentimental and start thinking about your beloved ones as if you are the character depicted by the lyrics?
VI: (Sure.) If you truly loved some one before!
DL: I will, too. But will definitely become disappointed and think about my past wounds afterwards... (:D)
TOP: I have never been in such a sad love so I do not know that kind of feeling.
GD : In deed, those who were once in an unhappy relationship would easily feel connected to the lyrics. However, I am going to make my beloved girl happy so that none of us will get hurt. (^_^)
VI: GD is nice to everyone, no matter you are a girl or a boy!
GD: Yes! I am SUPER nice. (:D)

The PV is a great display that vivifies the melody of Tell Me Goodbye. Do not miss the sad expressions on their faces.
SOL: The desert-like shooting location is an Island in Korea named Chebudo (J: in Kyongido). We spent roughly three days for shooting the whole PV, right?
TOP: You are right. Furthermore, since I went for the filming of my movie the day before, I did not sleep for almost two days. But I managed to maintain my tension by chatting with my fellow members and eating delicious food.
DL: The waiting periods were also very long. For me, I once waited for 14 hours!
GD: Another thing to mention was the freezing temperature. Though it was April, we were all quivering because of the bad weather. We had to make grief expressions in front of the camera but we were just too cold to even open our mouths. (J: covered by logo, not sure)
SOL: The wind almost turned into blast. The leaves flying around us in the scene were not blown by fans but by the wind itself.
DL: Because of all the above severe conditions, every dishe of the catering food tasted so great. I stuffed myself with Curry.
GD: More dainty dishes would be provided during PV filmings compare to other normal days. (:D) Especially for cold weather, Korean style soup or Jjigae can warm your body up.

VI: Yup. Speaking of warming up, doesn't our coupling song Hands Up send the same message? Everybody @ live, jump, jump, 'HANDS UP' please!
DL: I have been doing my "Hands Up" since we did our recording. The song is really exciting.
GD: Since I have other works to do, such as direction and engineering (as a co-producer), I calmed myself down during the recording session. It is always hard for me to concentrate if the tension gets too high. I guess this is a typical characteristic of all leaders. (:D)
TOP: GD, what kind of thoughts inspired you to write this song?
GD: I hope it conveys the feeling of friends gathering together, raising their hands up and having fun as a group. At this time of early summer, It is the best timing to play this song. Anyway, I will be thankful if you simply enjoy listening to it!Next issue on 6/16, Wednesday. Please look forward to private questions and the best solo shots of Big Bang!*

J: It is a tradition for people to take photos with lemons when they made their first appearance on the Television Weekly. Lemon is believed to represent the freshness and zest of these new faces.

"GD : In deed, those who were once in an unhappy relationship would easily feel connected to the lyrics. However, I am going to make my beloved girl happy so that none of us will get hurt. (^_^)"
I really love what he said~ :D Thans for bigbangupdates :D

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