Minggu, 16 November 2008

List of Winner of MKMF 2008

Guys,, it's the list of winner of MKMF last night. Congrats for them!!

Female newcomer award - Davichi

Male newcomer award - SHINee

Best Ballad and R&B - Brown Eyes

Auction Style Award - Dong Bang Shin Ki
Auction Netizen Popularity Award - Dong Bang Shin Ki (dedicating the award to Cassiopeia)
Overseas Viewers Award - Dong Bang Shin Ki
Album of the year - Dong Bang Shin Ki

Dance Music Award - Lee Hyori
Best Female Singer - Lee Hyori

OST award - Kim Jong Wook and SG Wannabe ‘East of Eden OST’ (SG Wannabe couldn’t be present today, they are in Japan for their promotion)

MKMF Special Award - Shin Seung Hoon

House and Electronic music - Jewelry

Hip Hop music award - Epik High

Rock Music Award - Nell

MKMF 10 anniversary commemorative award - Group HOT (Received by Moon Hee Jun)

Best Female Group - WonderGirls
Song of the Year - WonderGirls ( Nobody)

Best Male Group + Artist of the Year - Big Bang

credit = AF
source = Lautan indonesia.com

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